Tyler Junior College

Evaluation System

Instructions for Evaluations

Employee Performance and Development Evaluations are conducted in face-to-face meetings of the supervisor and employee.

Beginning of the Performance and Development Evaluation Process

  1. Human Resources staff e-mails the Employee being evaluated, the Supervisor and the Direct Reports (as applicable). E-mail to Direct Reports includes a deadline to complete and submit their Evaluation of Employee to Supervisor. E-mail to Employee has position description on file in HR attached. (E-mail pertinent details to include the type evaluation (annual or new employee), review period and the location of Evaluation instrument on Apache Access template)
  2. Supervisor establishes appointment for face-to-face meeting with Employee.
  3. Employee completes self appraisal and reviews and updates (if applicable) their Position Description prior to face-to face meeting.
  4. Supervisor completes Evaluation assessment (based on his/her input and feedback from Direct Reports—as applicable). Individual ratings or comments by Direct Reports (as applicable) are not intended to be shared with the Direct Report’s supervisor.

During the face-to-face meeting with employee

  1. Supervisor and Employee will cooperatively review the Evaluation instrument ratings (Supervisor Evaluation assessment and Employee self appraisal), Position Description and discuss prior year Goals and Objectives.
  2. Supervisor and employee establish and document Goals and Objectives for the upcoming evaluation period. (Criteria for Goals and Objectives will be based on Employee goals that correlate to College objectives.)

Completion of the Performance and Development Evaluation Process

Supervisor and Employee sign the Goals and Objectives page and forward the entire Performance and Development Evaluation instrument to Human Resources for retention in the Employee’s official personnel file. (If employee’s position description was amended, send the amended description with the Evaluation instrument.)