Tyler Junior College

Evaluation System


Tyler Junior College is committed to providing excellence in education.  The purpose of the Performance and Development Evaluation System  is to enable the College to enhance the potential of its human resources. Tyler Junior College does not have a merit based compensation system. Therefore, the Evaluation system does not directly impact an employee’s compensation. The process must be undertaken in a spirit of respect, trust and collegiality and with a shared belief that fulfillment of the College’s mission is our common goal. The System is designed to reflect institutional philosophy and values, as well as sound principles of employee management; to provide both recognition of accomplishments and accountability for performance; to provide a means for identification of professional growth and development needs as a way to guide continual improvement; and to provide a method for contributing to a performance history for use in institutional planning, employee retention and contract renewal.

Every employee has the right to expect a periodic evaluation of his or her performance. At the time of employment, as part of the new employee orientation, employees are to be given the Performance and Development Evaluation instrument currently in use by the College and an explanation of the Evaluation process. Training will be provided to new supervisors and anyone in a supervisory role that needs to be informed about the System. Professional Development will conduct such training. Documentation of the Performance and Development Evaluation System forms and instructions will also be made available to all supervisors.

Please see our related downloads for classification details and evaluation documents.

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