Tyler Junior College

TJC Faculty/Staff Annual Golf Tournament

TJC Faculty/Staff Golf Tournament

Rules of Play


  1. This is a 4 person scramble, with men hitting from the white tees and women from the red tees, retirees (or 68 and older) will play from the green.
  2. On the game holes everybody hits from the white tees.
  3. Best ball format with 1 club length relief no closer to the pin. (Bunkers do count: there is no relief).
  4. Par is friend. The worst you can make on a hole is par. (If you are playing a par 4 hole and you are hitting your third shot to the green, unless you hole out, just pick up your ball.)
  5. On hole number 14, if you opt out of the game, whatever you score on those holes will count. Par will not be your friend.
  6. No Mulligans.
  7. Keep pace of play! Slow play will be penalized!!
  8. Obey course rules when driving carts.


  1. 5 Iron Shot- Pay $20 per team on hole number 10 and tee off with your 5 iron. Wherever the ball lands you will be laying zero. If you choose not to do it, then whatever you make on that hole as a team is what you get (Par is not your friend).
  2. Par 3 Poker Pay $10 to enter. On par 3 holes (2, 5, 9, 11, and 13) if you land on the green, you will get a chance to pick and keep a card from the deck at that hole. After all par threes have been played and you are back at the clubhouse, whoever has the best hand (a pair or better) wins the pot.
  3. Long Drive- Longest Drive wins a $50 gift card
  4. Closest to the line- Whoever is closest to the line and the farthest wins a $50 gift card.
  5. Move Ahead- Pay $20 as a team and move ahead 150 yards on the designated par 5. If you choose not to, then you hit from the tee box as a regular shot. (Par is not your friend)