Tyler Junior College

Student Grievance Procedures


A student grievance is any dissatisfaction, complaint or alleged injustice a person may have while associated with the College, as a student or prospective student. A grievance may result from academic experiences; non-academic matters involving administrators, staff, or student organizations; or matters related to alleged discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, creed, marital status, or limited English proficiency. All grievants should resolve problems where they arise and with the parties involved.

Academic grievances are categorized as GRADE-RELATED or NON-GRADE BUT RELATED TO CLASSROOM.

The procedures outlined in this Handbook do not confer any contractual rights on the complainant. Circumstances can differ greatly between cases, and the instructional dean may need to modify the procedures in a particular case in order to reach a timely and just decision.

NOTE: Under certain circumstances, students may not be allowed to continue in class until the grievance or appeal is resolved.

Types of Grievances

  • Academic Grievances - Grade Related and/or Academic Dishonesty
  • Academic Grievances - Not Grade Related
  • Non-Academic Grievances
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