Tyler Junior College

Degree Works

TJC recently launched Degree Works, an online tool designed to help you and your advisors keep track of your courses and degree progress.

Using your most current data, Degree Works serves as an extremely powerful scenario-builder that will allow real-time tracking of your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements you have satisfied, and plan the courses you can take to complete your remaining requirements.

Degree Works provides an electronic audit of your progress toward a specific degree. The audit will report and track:

  • Courses and credit hours earned as applied toward your degree
  • Catalog requirements in effect when you choose a major
  • All requirements necessary to receive a specific degree
  • Transfer credits used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Courses for which you are currently registered
  • Courses that do not apply to specific degree requirements but do apply toward your overall earned hours and cumulative GPA

Together, you and your advisors can focus on your goals and how to achieve them.

Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/DegreeWorks