Tyler Junior College

Civility at Tyler Junior College

Civility Textbooks

The following textbooks on the subject of civility are available at Vaughn Library.

  • Rules of Civility, by George Washington
  • In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the College Campus, by Dr. Kent M. Weeks
  • A Book of Courtesy: the Art of Living with Yourself and Others, by Mary Mercedes
  • Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility Crisis in the Workplace, by Giovinella Gonthier
  • Fostering Civility on Campus, by Judy Rookstool
  • The Virtue of Civility: Selected Essays on Liberalism, Tradition, and Civil Society, by Edward Shils
  • Encouraging Civility as a Community College Leader, by Paul Elsner
  • Doing Civility by Dr. Kent. M. Weeks

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How to Report Acts of Intolerance or Incivility

Individuals may report an act of incivility:

  • to any Civility Task Force member
  • to Campus Police by telephone (903-510-2222 if emergency; 903-510-2258 if non-emergency)
  • anonymously by sending a text message to 79516, using the keyword of "tjctip".


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