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Maymester & Summer Terms

Summer Terms

TJC offers a schedule to suit your needs: from our super-condensed Maymester to our leisurely Summer Long term and three other terms in-between. It’s college on your own terms. 

Registration opens on April 5, 2016 for the following summer terms: 

Summer 2016 Term Dates
MayMester   May 16 - June 3  3 weeks
Summer I  June 6 - July 7  5 weeks
Summer Long  June 6 -  Aug 11
 10 weeks
Mid-Summer  June 20 - July 21  5 weeks
Summer II  July 11 - Aug. 11  5 weeks

Tyler Junior College is dedicated to providing a flexible college experience our students can enjoy on their own terms, which is why we offer two mid-summer terms. These terms have been added to offer graduating seniors a couple chances to pick up some addition college credits before the fall semester. 

Note: The "Summer I" option contains courses for both Summer I and Summer Long terms. 

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