Tyler Junior College

How Much Does It Cost?

Winter Term 2015

Revised 7/7/2015

Winter Term 2015 Tuition and Fees

Semester Hours In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State
1 110 157 177
2 185
279 319
3 260 401 461

Method of Computation

In-District Tuition:
Out-Of-District Tuition:
Out-Of-State Tuition
$47/hr surcharge $47/hr surcharge
plus $40/hr general education fee $40/hr general education fee $40/hr general education fee
plus $5/hr technology fee $5/hr technology fee $5/hr technology fee
plus $35 registration fee $35 registration fee $35 registration fee

In addition to the rates shown, the following fees are charged:
Laboratory Fees
(per course - specified courses only)
$35 / course
High Cost VoTech Course Fee
(per specified course)
$80 / course
High Cost Health Prof Course Fee
(per specified courses)
$105 / course
Individual Music Instruction (1 lesson/week)
(2 lessons/week)
Distance Ed Fee $8 / hour
Non-Funded Course Fee $75 / hour
27-Hour Rule Fee $75 / hour
Developmental Ed Math Access $90
Developmental Ed English Access $70
Developmental Ed Reading Access $70
Returned Check Fee (Registration) $30
Posting Fee - For posting credit by examination (CLEP, etc.) to permanent records $25
Replacement Debit Card Fee $25

Tuition, fees and other expenses are subject to change by vote of the Board of Trustees or the legislature of the State of Texas.

Payment of tuition and fess is due in full at the time of registration. There is no deferred payment. Students' schedules with unpaid tuition and fees will be dropped for non-payment.