Tyler Junior College

Curriculum Changes

Presenting a New Program

Are you presenting a new program?

    Please note: Respective Dean’s should discuss new programs with the Provost and the Director of Institutional Research prior to completing C&I documentation. Additional documentation may be required. If this is a revision to an existing program, please follow the process for revising current program curriculum. ACGM/WECM-driven changes only must be made with the notification process.

    Notification of Intent to Submit New Program

    • Please familiarize yourself with the Overview of the C&I process, including procedures, your responsibilities as department chair, the submission timeline, and the proper routing.
    • Department chairs should complete all forms electronically.
    • All completed forms (including electronic signature form, minutes, faculty approvals) should be submitted to the Director, Curriculum Development.
    • Forms can be found in Apache Access. Use the checklist as a guide to be sure you’ve completed all necessary steps, summarize changes with courses affected in the Summary of Proposed New Program Updates, and duplicate the Course Inventory Update form for each course affected.
      • Curriculum Revision Checklist
      • Summary of Proposed New Program
      • Degree Worksheet (Excel template)
      • Course Inventory Updates
      • WECM Local Needs Course (if applicable)
      • WECM Special Topics Course (if applicable)
      • Advisory Committee Minutes (Include all copies. Committee must meet a minimum of two face-to-face meetings for new program implementation. Highlight discussion/approval specific to proposed revision. Save file as PDF.)
      • Faculty Confirmation of Notification
      • Curriculum and Instruction Signature and Routing