Tyler Junior College

Business Management

Mission and Goals

The Business Management program provides a quality educational foundation for general business and management. Courses taken are intended to provide necessary job skills to prepare students for jobs in management or for advancement in a variety of businesses. Additionally, opportunities are available for those students wishing to transfer to further their studies. Several exit points for certificates give students a quick path to the workforce while maintaining the ability to complete an AAS in Business Management.

The goals and objectives of the program are:

  1. To immediately provide management job skills.
    1. Within courses provide practical analysis and decision-making tools to help students develop marketable skills, preparing them for employment.
    2. Teach interpersonal and teamwork skills through the use of cross-functional case presentation and business simulation projects.
    3. Provide skills based management certificates of completion.
  2. To provide additional skills for working students to increase their ability to advance in their jobs.
    1. Integrate and apply business strategy and decision-making tools through business case studies of small business and corporate business situations.
    2. Improve competence in verbal and written communication skills through an integrated approach of assignment modalities.
  3. To provide an opportunity for transfer to an upper level university.
    1. Have agreements in place with colleges and universities in the east Texas area that allow students seamless transfer.
    2. Provide advising to declared Business Management majors wishing to transfer.
  4. To provide opportunities for leadership development and socially responsible actions through community involvement.