Tyler Junior College

Business Management

Leadership Class

Alix ValdezThe business leadership class at TJC is a required class for all business majors and is open to all majors from any discipline who feels they would like to enhance their leadership ability. The class covers characteristics essential to leadership, application methods, and discussion on current leadership thought and practices.

Each semester the class takes on a project to practice the skills learned in the classroom. Past projects have included granting wishes for over 14 Make-A-Wish children, providing food for PATH, organ transplant awareness drives, and more recently raising over $15,000 for a heart transplant student here at TJC (Alix Valdez, seen at right).

If you want to make a difference, build your leadership skills, and make a positive impact on our community then come join the team of future business leaders here at TJC.

"Our business leadership class sponsors a wish every year. We define leadership as making a positive impact on other people's lives, so the Make-A-Wish project fits perfectly with the objectives of the class.

But it's more than that - once the students meet the children they are sponsoring, they are changed forever. They completely dedicated themselves, making huge sacrifices of the time and energy to reach their goal. It changes their view of the world and of themselves. The Impact goes way beyond the campus here at TJC."

-Don Blaine, Professor of Business Managment, TJC

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