Tyler Junior College


Business Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Business program at Tyler Junior College is to meet the transfer needs of students majoring in business specialized fields such as accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, international business, management (general, operational, human resource), and marketing by offering quality foundation coursework focused on student-centered learning. To fulfill this mission:

  1. The program requirements ensure readiness of transfer business students for upper-level coursework in the School of Business at the university level through completion of the core curriculum and core business prerequisites.
    1. Program requirements provide full transfer of required courses so that no “leveling” courses are required before admission into the upper-level business programs, resulting in financial and time savings for the transferring student.
    2. Required courses are offered in multiple instructional formats (face-to-face, hybrid and online) to better meet the needs of students and better prepare them for future electronic-based academic and professional work.
    3. Strong academic partnerships and alliances with universities are maintained to ensure timely response to changing transfer needs and requirements regionally.
  2. The program focuses on teaching excellence and quality student-centered learning.
    1. Structure of program courses focuses on all dimensions of learning (knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, values) and develops improved academic skills such as critical thinking, structured decision-making and responsibility.
    2. Rigor of required coursework helps students build self-esteem and confidence upon successful completion.
    3. Coursework incorporates activities that reinforce and support the use of professionally oriented communication (oral and written).
    4. Faculty encourage and foster academic mentoring with ready access during scheduled office hours and academic advising of business students.
  3. The program faculty pursue enhanced teaching effectiveness and disseminate knowledge on business issues through innovative learning experiences and involvement with the constituents served.
    1. Program faculty support education beyond the classroom by participation in professional organizations (locally, regionally and nationally) and within the College.
    2. Adjunct faculty representing a wide variety of professional experiences help to ensure that program course content is relevant and reflects current changes in business and the environment impacting business practice.
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