Tyler Junior College

ACT-On Retail Management Careers Project

The $12 million ACT-On Retail Management Careers Project will train more than 2,600 participants for careers in grocery retail management, while developing innovative solutions to current and future workforce needs in the retail industry. Our four-member community college consortium is collaborating to implement a rigorous training model endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC), a non-profit industry association with national, regional, and local grocery chain members collectively employing more than 400,000 workers from across the western United States.

The ACT-On Retail Management Careers Project offers:

  • Industry validated training which leverages proven curriculum; enhances and updates the professional competencies and learning outcomes; and aligns foundational skills into industry-recognized competencies
  • Personal assistance along the way from trained, professional Career Coaches and other helpful college staff
  • Powerful credentials that stack to accelerate completion and job placement in this high growth, high demand industry

Interested? Click on a college below to find out about their retail management program and services: