Tyler Junior College

Power Plant Technology

Power Plant Technology (Certificate)

Certificate of Proficiency | 2015-2016 Catalog

Total Semester Hours: 25
Semester I

OSHT 1320 Energy Industrial Safety
TECM 1303 Technical Calculations
ENER 1240 Employee Success in Energy Industry
CETT 1402 Electricity Principles

Semester II

INCR 1302 Physics of Instrumentation
CBFM 1407 Boiler Operation
ENER 1330 Basic Mechanical Skills for Energy


ELMT 1380 Cooperative Education - Electromechanical Technology/Electromechanical Engineering Technology OR
    WLDG 1307 Introduction to Welding Using Multiple Processes

NOTE: NOTE: Applicants must meet the admission requirements for TJC, meet minimum standards on the TSI Assessments in reading, writing, and math, and achieve a minimum score on the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. The Bennett test requirement will be waived for those who have passed the POSS MASS Assessment

NOTE: Department specific courses must be taken in sequence and may have a prerequisite course. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the department chair.

Power Plant Contact Information

Bryan Baker
Department Chair
Office: STC-112

Email: bbak@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2390

Advising contact: 903-510-2347