Tyler Junior College

Visual Communications

The Responsible Student

(Students will fill out an electronic compliance form for each individual professor.)

Attending college generates the same responsibilities as employment. Success on the job is achieved only with hard work and effort. Your employer expects you to be on the job everyday and to be on time and prepared to work each day. This is also true of Visual Communication Classes. Regular and prompt attendance is essential, and your success has a direct correlation to the number absences you have. Missing class results in a certain point loss off of your attendance grade. Coming late to a class results in a certain point loss off of your attendance grade. Students MUST contact the professor by phone or email when they will miss class. Failure to contact professor will result in a point loss of daily work done on the day missed (including quizzes and daily assignments.)

Meetings are an essential part of the work place, and everyone is expected to attend regularly and contribute to the discussion. If you miss an excessive number of meetings and/or do not share vital information, your employment success is in jeopardy. The same holds true for this class. You are not only expected to attend all of our "meetings,"but you are expected to contribute to our discussion and analysis of issues. This requires you to come to each class prepared to discuss the assigned reading material and homework. Be prepared for a short quiz to confirm your comprehension of the assignment. Failure to complete your assignments will put your success in jeopardy and results in a reduction in your "salary" (grade.)

Dropping a class is also the RESPONSIBILITY of the student. Students who wish to drop must talk to their professor first, then fill out the drop form in the advising office. Your employer requires you to submit all reports on time. Failure to do so will endanger your employer’s business and your success. The same is true for this class. All "reports"(projects and papers, thumbnails, etc) are due at the scheduled time.

  • Late Projects from 1st or 2nd semester class will result in a loss of 20 points per day for that project!!!
  • Late Projects WILL NOT be accepted in 3rd and 4th semester classes.
  • Students late to class will forfeit points offered from quizzes and daily assignments for that day and lose points off their attendance grade.
  • Students who miss critique of a project will lose 25 points off of that project and lose points off their attendance grade.
  • Students must schedule a makeup exam-time with the professor. Make up test will not be given after three days of the student’s return to class.

Performance reviews occur periodically in the workplace, and your employer determines the degree of your success during these reviews. Such is the case in this class. The "performance reviews" for Visual Communications are quizzes, exams, projects, and papers. These reviews require you to show your knowledge of the material and your ability to apply this knowledge in real-world situations. Your "pay" (grade) depends on the magnitude of your performance.

Students who fail to turn in a term paper WILL NOT pass the class.

Contact your professor for assistance. Welcome to class and remember that grades are earned, not given! Your success in graphics depends on your willingness to generate exceptional pieces for your portfolio.


Your Professor

(Turn in the electronic compliance form as instructed by professor)

Visual Comm Contact Information

Timothy C. Gill
Department Chair
Office: Pirtle T-368

Email: tgil@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2348

Advising contact: 903-510-2347