Tyler Junior College

Visual Communications

Studio Rules

Studio Reservations

  • Reserve the studios with the lab assistant in checkout.
  • You must have your current TJC Student ID card to use the studio.
  • No commercial use of the studio will be allowed.
  • The studio is available for only those students who are currently enrolled in classes requiring studio use.
  • The studio is available by appointment only during regular working hours.
  • Studio time is limited to two hours per week per student.
  • Sign in and out with the lab assistant.

Use of Studio Equipment

  • You must be instructed on proper operating procedures for the equipment in the studios before using that equipment.
  • The white lightning flash units have modeling lamps for viewing your light setup. These bulbs have only a three-hour life; therefore, do not burn them any longer than absolutely necessary. The modeling lamps should not be used as a light source for your exposure.
  • The static light units must have sandbags on the bottom of the light stands as counterweight at all times.
  • The exposure booth lights should not stay on any longer than is absolutely necessary to take the light meter reading and make the exposure. Be sure to turn off all lights and roll up the background when finished.
  • Return all items in the studio to their proper place in the studio and push all lights to the wall making sure the path to the light switch is clear.
  • Clean up your mess and vacuum the floor.
  • Do not hang anything from the motorized background poles or end stands.

Computers & Printers

  • Lab Rules apply.
  • Do not download anything, do not delete files or anything else that is not yours, and back up everything you do on these computers.
  • Do not allow guests to use the computers.
  • No reckless behavior, offensive language or loud talking or music. There are other classes going on in the building.
  • Please abide by the TJC Student Handbook policies.

Equipment Checkout

  • You must have your current TJC Student ID card and be scanned into the checkout system prior to checking out equipment.
  • You, the student, are responsible for any broken or damaged equipment. Be sure all equipment checked out to you is in good working order and any damage is noted before you take the equipment.
  • All equipment must be returned to and checked in by the lab assistant before leaving the area. Students are responsible for damaged or stolen equipment and will be required to pay to have the equipment repaired or replaced.
  • Certain equipment, such as iPads and Wacom tablets are for use only in class or open lab in our building.
  • Only advanced students can checkout equipment overnight.
  • Consequences: If the student is late returning the equipment once, they will loose checkout privileges for two weeks. If they are late a second time, they will loose checkout privileges for the rest of the semester.

Visual Comm Contact Information

Timothy C. Gill
Department Chair
Office: Pirtle T-368

Email: tgil@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2348

Advising contact: 903-510-2347