Tyler Junior College

Visual Communications

Lab Rules

  • The Mac and Photography Labs and Studios are for Class Use Only. No commercial use of any type is permitted.
  • Students MUST SIGN IN with the lab assistant and must have a current TJC Student ID card before entering the lab during open lab time. Students MUST SIGN OUT when leaving. Lanyards must be worn at all times.
  • Students using the labs or studios must be enrolled in a class that requires use of those areas.
  • No guests or children are allowed in the labs. Children cannot be left unattended in the hallways.
  • The lab assistant's primary duty is the checkout station. See your professor for questions concerning your assignments.
  • The lab assistant will handle computer or printer malfunctions. The lab assistant is the authority during open lab hours. Students who refuse to cooperate will be reported to their instructor and lab suspension may result. The lab assistant’s job is NOT to do any student’s assignments.
  • The lab phone is not for student use.
  • Students should notify checkout (903-510-2527) with any change of address, phone, or email.
  • Students should purchase their own supplies such as jump drives, DVDs, drawing paper and print paper. The lab assistant cannot sell or give the student supplies.
  • Printers in the labs are to be used only for class assignments that the students are instructed to print by the professor.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD fonts, games, software, etc. Never update any software unless told to do so by your instructor.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD AOL messenger or any other instant messaging software. Do not play online games. Students caught using instant messenger or playing games on the lab computers will be asked stop and if they do not they will be asked to leave the lab.
  • Keep your current files backed up on your jump drive or other external memory device.
  • Reckless behavior or horseplay is not permitted in the lab. Persons engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the lab.
  • Offensive language is not permitted. No music or talking is allowed during lecture time. No music during lab time without headphones. Noise, such as loud talking or sound from the computer, should be kept to a minimum to ensure an optimal learning environment for everyone.
  • Cell phones must be turned off during class and set to vibrate during open lab.
  • Chairs are for sitting only-facing forward toward the front of the chair. DO NOT put feet in the chairs.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the lab. Smoking is not allowed on campus.
  • Pornography, lewd, offensive, or inappropriate material is not permitted in the labs. This includes material accessed through the Internet. Failure to abide by this policy will result in the student being banned from the labs and a report filed with Campus Safety. The student will be required to meet with the Vice President of Student Affairs pending a final decision.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up their work area before leaving. Log out of the computer, pick up papers on and around the desk, and place the chair under the desk. Clean up paper cutter, light table, and worktable areas immediately after use.
  • The student should closely monitor print jobs. Unattended print jobs that print incorrectly or cause equipment to crash will be cancelled. The student will be placed at the end of the line to print again.
  • Students must return all equipment or materials checked out from the lab assistant before leaving the building. All equipment checked out to the student must be returned on time and in the same condition. The student will be required to pay to have any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment repaired or replaced.
  • Valuable personal possessions and lab equipment should not be left unattended in the labs or classrooms.
  • Students are expected to abide by all policies in the TJC Student Handbook when they are on campus. A student caught violating any regulations may be issued a warning or expelled from the lab depending on the seriousness of the offense.
  • Failure to comply may result in lab suspension. If any student disobeys the lab rules and is asked to leave the lab, their instructor will be notified and lab suspension may result.


Students will be required to fill out an electronic compliance form from each individual professor.

Questions or comments regarding lab policy or other open lab issues should be directed to the Program Director, Tim Gill at 903-510-2348.

Visual Comm Contact Information

Timothy C. Gill
Department Chair
Office: Pirtle T-368

Email: tgil@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2348

Advising contact: 903-510-2347