Tyler Junior College

Sign Language Interpreting

ITP Placement Exam

For students who have had American Sign Language (ASL) courses within the past year before attending Tyler Junior College’s Interpreter Training Program or who know basic ASL, we offer a placement exam for ASL I and ASL II. The exams are given by appointment in the ASL Lab currently at Pirtle Technology Bldg. T106 or T108 by appointment and graded by our full-time ASL professor. Please make an appointment with the lab assistant or contact Laura Hill, our full-time ASL professor, to make arrangements for testing. (You may also contact Rhonda McKinzie, the Dept. Chair.) We recommend all testing be completed by the Spring semester before entering the program. The exam tests your expressive and receptive ASL skills (not Signed English) with an imbedded linguistics component. There are also questions regarding Deaf culture.

Upon passing ASL I (SGNL 1401) and/or ASL II (SGNL 1402) exams with a grade of “B” or above, you will then need to complete the appropriate forms with the required signatures and pay the fee to the cashier’s office to have the course(s) credited on your transcript.  The fee is approximately $25 per course. After this, you will receive credit for the course(s) and can continue on to the next courses in sequence. ASL I and II and English 1301 are pre-requisites to continue into the program.

Important Note: Our program uses the new updated version of the Signing Naturally curriculum and includes additional material regarding linguistics and Deaf culture throughout all five ASL courses. We use a state-of-the-art ASL lab for recording and voices are not allowed in the ASL classroom during normal instruction.

Dual credit is only offered via courses taught at Tyler Junior College (TJC) since typically high schools do not have the same ASL lab or course components in their sign language classes.

Please read the online TJC course catalog carefully regarding classes required to be completed before taking the next class in the degree plan (pre-requisites). Many courses are only offered once per year. Our program begins Summer Long with SGNL 1401 ASL I. Failure to stay on track can cause you to lose your financial aid and delay timely completion of your degree.