Tyler Junior College

Sign Language Interpreting

Sign Language Interpreting (Certificate)

Certificate of Proficiency | 2015-2016 Catalog

Total Semester Hours: 53
Certificate Classes

ENGL 1301 Composition I
SGNL 1401 Beginning American Sign Language I
SGNL 1402 Beginning American Sign Language II
SGNL 2301 Intermediate American Sign Language I 
SLNG 1215 Visual Gestural Communication
SLNG 1307 Intra-Lingual Skills for Interpreters
SLNG 1321 Introduction to Interpreting Profession
SGNL 2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II 
SLNG 2301 Interpreting I
SLNG 1211 Fingerspelling and Numbers

Mid-program evaluation: Student must pass with ‘‘C’’ or better to continue in the program.
SLNG 2334 American Sign Language (ASL) V
SLNG 1391 Special Topics in Sign Language Interpreter
SLNG 1347 Deaf Culture
SLNG 2302 Interpreting II
SLNG 2303 Transliterating
SLNG 1350 Sign-to-Voice
SLNG 2331 Interpreting III
SLNG 2311 Interpreting in Specialized Settings
SLNG 2266 Practicum (or Field Experience) - Sign Language Interpretation and Translation 
(16 hours per week)

Exit Exam: Student must pass with a “C” or better to graduate and pass the State or National Board Exams to work as a certified interpreter.

Courses titled in bold type represent general education courses. 

 - Referencing both the SLI degree and certificate curriculums:

See Catalog descriptions for course pre-requisites and co-requisites. Students enrolling in this program who plan to transfer to upper-level institutions should consult an advisor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of these courses. For an interpreter training degree, students must have a minimum grade of “C” in each SLNG/SGNL class, as well as the mid-program and exit exams. In addition, for the degree, students must complete the General Graduation Requirements as set forth in the TJC Catalog.