Tyler Junior College

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene TWU (BS)

Total Hours for bachelor's degree: 120
First Year

BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I
ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric
HIST 1301 US History I
PSYC 2301 General Psychology OR
    PSYC 2314 Lifespan Growth & Development
Select 1 Creative Arts Core course; (See Core Curriculum).
BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II
ENGL 1302 Composition II
HIST 1302 US History II
SOCI 1301 Culture & Self (MC/WS)
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking OR
    SPCH 1321 Business & Professional Communication

Second Year

BIOL 2420 Microbiology
MATH 1342 Statistics
GOVT 2305 US Government
BIOL 1322 Nutrition & Diet Therapy I
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework
CHEM 1406 Introductory Chemistry I - Allied Health Emphasis OR
    CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I
ENGL 2332 World Literature I OR
    ENGL 2333 World Literature II OR
    HUMA 1301 Introduction to Humanities I OR
    PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy OR
    PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics
GOVT 2306 Texas Government


DHYG 1201 Orofacial Anatomy, Histology & Embryology

Third Year

DHYG 1331 Preclinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 1304 Dental Radiology
DHYG 1103 Preventive Dental Hygiene I
DH 3303 Process of Care I
DH 3311 Ethics for the Dental Hygienist
DHYG 1260 Clinical Dental Hygiene I
DHYG 2201 Contemporary Dental Hygiene Care I
DHYG 1215 Community Dentistry
DHYG 2133 Preventive Dental Hygiene II
DH 3502 Process of Care II
DH 3522 Oral Medicine I
DH 3523 Hard Tissue and Gingival Disease


DH 4713 Applied Dental Hygiene Research
DH 4723 General and Oral Pathology
(TJC sub for DHYG 1339 General  & Oral Pathology)

Fourth Year

DHYG 2360 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
DHYG 2231 Contemporary Dental Hygiene Care II
DHYG 1235 Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist
DH 4302 Process of Care III
DH 4322 Oral Medicine II
DH 4342 Periodontal Disease 
(TJC sub for DHYG 1211 Periodontology)
DHYG 2362 Clinical Dental Hygiene III
DHYG 2153 Dental Hygiene Practice
DHYG 1219 Dental Materials
DH 4501 Process of Care IV
DH 4513 Alternative Dental Hygiene Practice
DH 4533 Global Oral Health

Classes listed in bold are TWU courses.

Total hours transferred from TJC—91

Total hours at TWU—30