Tyler Junior College

Vision Care Technology

Vision Care Technology (Certificate)

Certificate of Proficiency | 2015-2016 Catalog

Total Semester Hours: 40
Semester I

OPTS 1311 The Visual System
OPTS 2341 Ophthalmic Techniques
OPTS 1501 Ophthalmic Dispensing
OPTS 1309 Ophthalmic Laboratory I
OPTS 1315 Basic Contact Lenses
OPTS 1305 Geometric Optics

Semester II

OPTS 2345 Advanced Ophthalmic Techniques
OPTS 2531 Advanced Ophthalmic Dispensing
OPTS 1349 Ophthalmic Laboratory II
OPTS 2335 Advanced Contact Lenses
OPTS 2166 Ophthalmic Practicum I
OPTS 1319 Vision Care Office Procedures


OPTS 2266 Ophthalmic Practicum II

Special admission and retention rules apply. Contact the department chair for details.

Vision Care Contact Information

Steve Robbins
Department Chair
Office: RTDC 118B

Email: srob@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2961

Advising contact: 903-510-2662