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Radiologic Technology

Mission Statement

The Tyler Junior College Radiologic Technology program provides eligible candidates with learning resources that ensure qualified students develop the skills in accordance with the institutional mission. The program strives to instill into its students the value of life long learning to enhance personal growth and development of workplace, business and leadership skills.


Goal 1: Students of the Tyler Junior College Radiologic Technology Program will be clinically competent. Clinical competence will be demonstrated through production of quality radiographs, radiation safety and competent patient care.


  • Outcome 1: Student will produce quality diagnostic images.
  • Outcome 2: Student will practice Radiation Protection.
  • Outcome 3: Student will provide quality patient care



Goal 2: Tyler Junior College Radiologic Technology students will learn to communicate effectively through interaction with patients, faculty and staff. Assignments will develop written communication skills.


  • Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.



Goal 3: Tyler Junior College Radiologic Technology Students will develop the critical thinking skills required to adjust to workplace conditions.


  • Outcome 1: Student will integrate considerations for atypical patient needs.
  • Outcome 2: Student will identify and employ technical considerations specific to exam demands



Goal 4: Tyler Junior College Radiologic Technology Students will demonstrate the professionalism required of medical personnel.


  • Outcome 1: Student will develop an understanding of career opportunities in Medical Imaging
  • Outcome 2: Student will exemplify affective professional skills.