Tyler Junior College

VNE Program

Nursing, Vocational (VNE)


Vocational Nursing Education Program accepts applications twice a year.  

Applications will be accepted in our VNE office twice a year.  Students can go online at www.tjc.edu/vne to fill out and print off your applications.  Students need to see Department Chair or Site Coordinator of location they wish to apply to in order to receive a HESI ticket.  

Students must also see advisors to assure transferability of courses and develop educational plan with advisor.  Afterwards, the completed application and all paperwork at our TJC VNE office location. 

Applications periods are as follows:

Spring Admission:  July 1 through September 15 and is only for our Tyler AM classes.  

Fall Admission:  This application period will be for all campuses, the Tyler Main campus AM and PM programs, TJC-Lindale program, and the TJC-Rusk program with the new AM and PM Rusk programs and is from the beginning of Spring Semester through April 25.  

TJC Main Campus - Rogers Nursing and Health Sciences Building
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Monday - Friday

LVN grads from Tyler Junior College have a 100% job placement rate post-graduation.
For more information, please visit www.tjc.edu/vne.