Tyler Junior College

Health Care Careers

Dental Hygiene

This 2-year program prepares competent dental hygienists to meet the oral health care needs of the public. Students acquire knowledge and proficiency in areas such as removing hard and soft deposits from teeth and gums, performing x-rays, and teaching and counseling patients of proper oral hygiene techniques. The average starting full time salary is $46,000 to $53,000 annually. Contact Carrie Hobbs at 903-510-2341, chob@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 116.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This 16-month program is designed to prepare skilled professionals to perform diagnostic examinations using high frequency sound waves to visualize soft tissue structures. Sonographers work in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and as independents. The average starting salary nationally is $42,000 to $50,000 annually. Contact Pam Brower at 903-510-2668, pbro@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 355.

Human Services: Addiction Counseling

This two-year program provides the educational and practice hours necessary for partial fulfillment of the Texas state licensing requirements to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Program courses cover addiction counseling areas including assessment, treatment planning, counseling, education, case management, crisis intervention, relapse prevention and addiction prevention services to adolescents, adults and families. Beginning salaries vary, but the average entry-level salary for new LCDCs is $25,000 annually. Contact Tony Rand at 903-510-2268, tran@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 265.

Medical Laboratory Technology

This two-year program is designed to provide understanding, proficiency and skill in medical technology. Classroom and clinical instruction prepares the student to perform diagnostic procedures in hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, immunology, clinical chemistry and blood banking. Entry-level salaries range from $40,225 to $48,100 annually. Contact Catherine Baker at 903-510-2367, cbak@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 225

Nursing, Associate Degree

This two-year program provides clinical and didactic instruction in the nursing care of patients. Students are instructed in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of direct nursing care for individuals and/or groups. The graduate is able to monitor and direct peers and ancillary workers in the technical aspects of nursing care. The average starting salary in East Texas is $37,500 to $45,600 annually. Contact Karen Cooper, Dept Chair at 903-510-2373, kcoo@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 125B.

Nursing, Vocational

This twelve-month certificate program prepares qualified individuals to provide nursing care within a directed scope of practice under appropriate supervision. The vocational nurse represents the beginning level of the nursing practice continuum in the roles of Member of the Profession, Provider of Patient-Centered Care, Patient Safety Advocate, and Member of the Health Care Team. The VNE curriculum is offered at Tyler Main Campus, TJC-Lindale, TJC-Jacksonville, and TJC-Rusk. Entry-level salaries range from $31,200 to $37,400 annually. Contact Holli Benge at 903-510-2471, hben@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 256.

Radiologic Technology

This two-year program provides classroom and clinical training so graduates may work in radiology labs in: hospitals, trauma centers, community health agencies, private medical offices, nuclear medicine, cardiac catheterization, special procedures, diagnostic medical sonography, mammography administration and health education. The average entry-level salary ranges from $37,000 to $43,000 annually. Contact Nathan Stallings at 903-510-2596, nsta@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 223.

Respiratory Care

This two-year program prepares graduates to work in hospital areas as respiratory care, anesthesiology, and pulmonary medicine or in home health agencies, respiratory care clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and physicians’ offices. Salaries vary with location but the average starting salary is $39,915 to $51,438 annually. Contact Phyllis Brunner at 903-510-2472, pbru@tjc.edu, Pirtle Technology Room 261.

Surgical Technology

This two-semester program prepares students to provide services in the surgical area under the supervision of the surgical supervisor. Graduates may work in hospital operating rooms, emergency departments, ambulatory care areas, delivery rooms and supply departments as well as clinics, surgicenters, physicians’ offices and home health care. Entry-level salaries for the region range from $24,960 to $31,200 annually. Contact Sherry Seaton at 903-510-2962, ssea@tjc.edu, West Campus Room 163.

Vision Care Technology

Students in this 12-month certificate program develop the skills necessary to fill prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses and to perform various procedures and diagnostic tests in order to assist the doctor in the eye examination and treatment process. Entry-level salaries range from $24,000 to $32,000 annually. Contact Steve Robbins at 903-510-2020, srob@tjc.edu, West Campus Room 118B.

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