Tyler Junior College


Science (AS)

Associate of Science | 2015-2016 Catalog

Total Semester Hours: 60
Communications Core (6 hrs)

ENGL 1301 Composition I
Select 1 Communications Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Mathematics Core (3 hrs)

Select 1 Mathematics Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Life and Physical Sciences Core (6 hrs)

Select 2 Life and Physical Sciences Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Language, Philosophy and Culture Core (3 hrs)

Select 1 Language, Philosophy and Culture Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Creative Arts Core (3 hrs)

Select 1 Creative Arts Core course; See Core Curriculum.

American History Core (6 hrs)

HIST 1301 United States History I
Select 1 American History Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Government/Political Science Core (6 hrs)

GOVT 2305 Federal Government
GOVT 2306 Texas Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences Core (3 hrs)

Select 1 Social and Behavioral Sciences Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Component Area Option Core (6 hrs)

EDUC 1300 Learning Framework
Select 1 Component Area Option Core course; See Core Curriculum.

Major in Science
MATH 1314 College Algebra OR
    MATH 1316 Plane Trigonometry OR
    MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods OR
    MATH 2413 Calculus I OR
    MATH 2414 Calculus II OR
    MATH 2415 Calculus III
Select 2:
BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors I OR
   BIOL 1407 Biology for Science Majors II OR
    BIOL 1411 General Botany OR
    BIOL 2406 Environmental Biology OR
    BIOL 2416 Genetics OR
    CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I OR
    CHEM 1412 General Chemistry II OR
    CHEM 2423 Organic Chemistry I OR
    CHEM 2425 Organic Chemistry II OR
    GEOL 1403 Physical Geology OR
    GEOL 1404 Historical Geology OR
    PHYS 1401 College Physics I OR
    PHYS 1402 College Physics II OR
    PHYS 1403 Stars and Galaxies OR
    PHYS 1404 Solar System OR
    PHYS 2425 University Physics I OR
    PHYS 2426 University Physics II
Select any number of elective hours needed to bring the total semester hours to no fewer than 60.

∆Classes chosen in major must be different from courses used for Core requirements.

Life Sciences Contact Information

Dr. John Cliff Boucher
Department Chair
Office:Pirtle 322

Email: jbou@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2054

Advising contact: 903-510-2425