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The Introduction to Theatre - Fairy Tale Theatre is over 20 years old and boasts the most fun, higher grades, best attended, highest camaraderie among students than any other fine arts appreciation class on campus. Where the other fine arts appreciation classes are lecture-based, test-centered, textbook required, and grade-centered, this mode of Theatre Appreciation has created a life of its own.

Each semester, the Honors Program Section of Introduction to Theatre spends the entire semester preparing "classic" fairy tales for elementary school students. Students are separated into "casts" and create a brand new fairy tale from scratch. Once written, each cast will dramatize their story and rehearse the product. All of this activity is geared toward producing short children’s plays for kindergarten - third grades of Tyler elementary schools.

Under the guidance of Theatre faculty, Honor’s students rehearse these tales in preparation for "hitting the road". During the months of November and April, the Fairy Tale Theatre leaves campus by 8:30 A. M., travels to an area elementary school, performs two original fairy tales, and returns to campus by 9:50 A. M. Between mid-semester and finals, Fairy Tale Theatre will have presented it’s plays to thousands of children.

Fairy Tale Theatre may be the most fun class ever experienced in a college. Performance builds confidence and strengthens communication skills. Not only have former students written about the memories and enjoyment shared in Fairy Tale Theatre, but maintain that it changed their lives forever.

Interested schools may contact Dr. David W. Crawford at 903-510-2678 or dcra@tjc.edu.

Below: Rumplestiltskin and How The Turtle Got Its Cracks

Theatre Contact Information

Lara Smith
Department Chair

Email: lsmi@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-3242

Advising contact: 903-510-2425