Tyler Junior College

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate FAQs

What is the Faculty Senate?

  • The senate represents the "official" organized voice of the faculty at large to administration and the board of trustees.
  • The official purpose is defined in the constitution and on the opening page of this Web site.

How do I get involved in the Faculty Senate?

  • All faculty should be involved by reading the monthly meeting minutes and communicating with their academic school's elected senators.
  • Senators for each academic school are elected in the spring, with actual senate service beginning in the following fall term. Normally elections are conducted during academic school meetings held as part of the College opening activities... nominate yourself!

When are Faculty Senate meetings held?

  • Meetings are normally scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month. Exceptions occur at the beginning of each academic term.
  • Meeting dates are included on this website.

Who can attend Faculty Senate meetings?

  • All TJC full-time or adjunct faculty members can attend regular monthly meetings.
  • Only elected senators have voting rights and are included in attendance counts for the quorum.
  • All other employees (non-faculty) of the College may attend meetings by invitation only. If such a person wishes to attend a meeting for a special purpose, please contact a senate officer. (Senate officers contact information is included on this Web site.)