Tyler Junior College

Faculty Senate

Cabinet Members

2016-2017 TJC Faculty Senate Cabinet


Jan McCauley
jmcc2@tjc.edu | 903-510-2770

President Elect & Academic Committee Chair

Gigi Delk
gdel@tjc.edu | 903-510-2355

"The Academic Affairs Committee will consider matters that concern the welfare of the college, the academic excellence of the teaching of the college and such other matters as may concern the college and faculty that are not otherwise assigned to other committees." (Faculty Senate Constitution)

Secretary and Rules Committee Chair

Jenelle Reynolds
jrey@tjc.ed | 903-510-2296

"The Rules Committee will consider the allocation of the faculty senators, changes in the Senate constitution, and changes in the Senate By Laws. The committee will also review proposed changes in the Tyler Junior College Board Policy Manual to assure that no inconsistencies exist between college and Senate policies, and any other matters that concern the conduct of the Senate as a body." (Faculty Senate Constitution)

Faculty Development Committee Chair

Amber LeBarron
aleb@tjc.edu  | 903-533-5445

"The Faculty Development Committee will consider matters that concern the professional growth and development of the faculty severally and individually as may come before the Senate. This committee will accept applications and recommend persons for Faculty Development Grants. The committee will oversee the nomination and selection process for the Mattie Alice Scroggins Baker Award. The committee will be responsible for overseeing, promoting, and coordinating activities of the faculty development. The committee will continually study faculty salary and benefit plans and will make recommendations to the Senate pertaining to these issues." (Faculty Senate Constitution)

Instructional Support Services Committee Chair

Geoffrey Willbanks
gwil1@tjc.edu | 903-510-2768

"The Instructional Support Services Committee will consider matters that concern buildings, grounds, present equipment, maintenance, heating, lighting, air-conditioning, printing, supplies, parking, and all other matters concerning the physical plant and grounds of the college as may come before the Senate. The committee may also make recommendations concerning new equipment, project long range planning for the use of new equipment such as computers, and make recommendations pertaining to the library the Learning Resources Center, and the College Bookstore." (Faculty Senate Constitution)

Student Relations Committee Chair:

Dr. Jim Richey
jric@tjc.edu | 903-510-2468

"The Student Relations Committee will consider all matters relating to student conduct and the holding of student activities, including intercollegiate athletics. The chair of the committee will inform the chair of the Student Senate of all meetings of the committee that concern issues of student interest. When issues of student interest are addressed, the committee will request the president of the Student Senate to designate at least one Student Senate member to attend that meeting of the committee." (Faculty Senate Constitution)