Tyler Junior College

Observation Forms

Official TJC observation forms are to be used by faculty members’ direct supervisor - Dean, Department Chair, Director, or Coordinator - in the observation of faculty members in the classroom. New and adjunct faculty members should have an official observation of one class each year. Experienced faculty members may have an observation of one class on a periodic basis. Completed forms will be retained in the appropriate dean's office until the evaluation process is complete, after which all evaluation documents will be forwarded to Human Resources where they will become part of the employee's official personnel file.

The following Observation Checklists are available on the related downloads page.  Select the appropriate form for the type of class being observed.

  • Classroom Observation Checklist
  • Clinical Observation Checklist
  • Lab Observation Checklist
  • Music and Dance Observation Checklist
  • Online Observation Checklist