Tyler Junior College

Childcare, Transportation, and Book Loans

Child Care

Dependant Care is limited to three dependents per family. It is paid directly to the designated licensed daycare facility or registered family home at a weekly rate based on the age of the child(ren). Childcare funding from others sources such as CCS must be reported. Childcare funding cannot be awarded from two sources. Excessive absences of the child from his or her daycare will result in cancellation of funds. Payment is made at the beginning of each month. Registration or supply fees are not included. The rates are as follows and are subject to change.

  • Infants to age 1 $55.00
  • Ages 1 to 2 $50.00
  • Ages 2 and up $40.00
  • After school care $20.00

Book Loans

Book loans are available to Perkins participants who are unable to cover the cost of books with a Pell Grant or other means. Books must be returned to the Perkins/Adult Student Services office at the end of each semester. Failure to do so will result in a "hold" being placed on records. This will prevent future enrollment and/or release of transcripts. Also, books can only be purchased from the on-campus bookstore using Perkins.

Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation reimbursement may be available to those Perkins participants who live 20 or more miles from TJC. Mileage is reimbursed at $0.10 per mile and is paid for trips from home to TJC and back only. Mileage log sheets must be picked up at the beginning of the month, filled in, and returned to Perkins/Adult Student Services at the end of each month. Failure to turn in log sheet by the last day of the month will cancel payment of transportation funds for that month. Checks for the previous month will be mailed to students from Business Services. Please record exact one-way trip mileage when applying.

Adult Student Services

Michele Freeman
Office: Pirtle T-128

Email: mfre@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2391