Tyler Junior College

Perkins Grants Guidelines


To be eligible for Perkins Grant consideration, you must be majoring in one of the following AAS degrees or certificates.

  • Automotive Technology (AAS)
    • General Service Technician (Certificate)
    • Advanced Service Technician (Certificate)
  • Business Management (AAS)
    • Bookkeeping (Certificate)
    • Management Specialty Leadership (Certificate)
    • Retail Management (Certificate)
    • Small Business (Certificate)
  • Child Development/Early Childhood (AAS)
    • Administrator's Credential (Certificate)
    • Infant and Toddler Caregiver (Certificate)
    • Preschool Training (Certificate)
    • Childhood Development/Early Childhood (Certificate)
    • Early Childhood Professional (Marketable Skills Achievement Award)
  • Computer Science (AAS)
    • System Administration (AAS and Certificate)
    • WAN Technology (AAS and Certificate)
    • Desktop Support Technician (Certificate)
  • Criminal Justice (AA)
    • Law Enforcement Investigations (AAS)
  • Dental Hygiene (AAS)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (AAS)
    • Advanced Vascular* (Certificate)
  • Emergency Medical Service Professions
    • EMSP  (AAS)
    • EMSP Basic (Certificate)
    • EMSP Paramedic (Certificate)
    • Engineering Design Technology (AAS)
    • Process Piping Design (AAS)
    • Computer-Aided Drafting (Certificate)
  • Fire Protection Technology (AAS)
    • Level 1 (Certificate)
    • Level 2 (Certificate)
  • Game and Simulation Development
    • Graphics (AAS)
    • Programming (AAS)
    • Game Design (Advanced Technical Certificate)
  • Graphic Arts/Photography
    • Graphic Design/Photography (AAS)
    • Graphic Design (Certificate)
    • Photography (Certificate)
    • Web Development (AAS and Certificate)
  • Health Information Technology (AAS)
  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (AAS)
    • Air Conditioning (Certificate)
    • Commercial Refrigeration (Certificate)
  • Human Services: Addiction Counselor (AAS)
    • Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS)
    • Medical Office Management (AAS)
      • Medical Insurance Coding Specialist (Certificate)
      • Medical Office Management (Certificate)
    • Nursing, ADN (AAS)
      • Associate Degree Nursing (AAS)
      • LVN-ADN Transition (AAS)
        Paramedic-ADN Transition (AAS)
    • Nursing (VNE) Vocational Nurse Education* (Certificate)
    • Paralegal (AAS)
    • Power Plant Technology (AAS and Certificate)
    • Professional Tennis Management (AAS and Certificate)
    • Public Administration (AAS and Certificate)
      • Public Administration (Marketable Skill Achievement Award)
      • Leadership (Marketable Skill Achievement Award)
    • Radiologic Technology (AAS)
    • Respiratory Care (AAS)
    • Sign Language Interpreting (AAS and Certificate)
      • ASL Skills (Certificate)
    • Surgical Technology* (AAS and Certificate)
    • Surveying and Mapping Technology (AAS and Certificate)
    • Vision Care Technology (AAS and Certificate)
    • Welding Technology (AAS)
      • Entry Level (Certificate)
      • Advanced Level (Certificate)

    *In these health science programs, Certificates of Proficiency will only be awarded provided each required course is completed with a minimum grade of "C."

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