Tyler Junior College

Open Computing Center/Technical Assistance Center

Open Computing Center Policies

General Policies

Food and drinks are not allowed in the open computing center.  You are responsible for any damage to lab materials or equipment.

No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the open computing center.  

Talking/noise is to be kept at a minimum to ensure a pleasant environment for all patrons.

Talking on your cell phone in the open computing center is not allowed.  Cell phones should be turned off or changed to silent. The patron should step outside the library to make or take a cell phone call.

Patrons must wear headphones while listening to email, CDs, or Internet sources that include audio segments. Headphone volume must be kept at a reasonable level.

Patrons are responsible for providing their own supplies and materials including pens, paper, headphones, flash drives, etc.  

Noise must be kept to a minimum.  If working together as a group, please let the assistant know when checking in.  Each group member must present their ID card. Each member of a group will be assigned to their own computer (adjacent to other group members, if possible) in order to keep the noise to a minimum and the aisles clear.

When the open computer center is busy, a time limit of two (2) hours will be enforced.  TJC students engaged in research have first priority.  Patrons who are doing personal work, patrons who are checking email, and patrons who have been in the OCC more than two hours will be the first to be asked to surrender their machine.  Those patrons will then have five (5) minutes after notification to save their work and sign-out.


You may be asked to present a valid Apache ID card (or a Vaughn Library Courtesy Card) at the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) desk.

Patrons may be asked to provide certain information upon check-in, including but not limited to: name, course name and number (ex., ENGL 1302), instructor’s name, software/media to be used, etc.  This information is for statistical purposes only.

Users may be assigned and directed to a particular computer.  If assigned to a station, the user MUST use the assigned computer.  Those desiring to move to another computer must check with an OCC/TAC staff member BEFORE making such a move.

All materials checked out (CDs, Textbooks, etc.) must be returned to the TAC desk before leaving the open computing center.  

Patrons are responsible for cleaning up their work area before leaving the OCC.  Do not leave trash at your station. Patrons are also highly encouraged to push in their chairs upon leaving so as not to create potentially dangerous obstacles for other students during periods of high traffic.


There is no limit on printing, however there is a cost of $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.75 per page for color prints.  All printing in the OCC is managed by the PaperCut system.  Students may add money to their PaperCut account before printing.  Students may add credit to their PaperCut account using cash, debit, or credit card in the kiosks in the Vaughn Library or by using the PaperCut web interface.  No refunds will be issued from your PaperCut account so it is highly recommended that you do not add more than $5.00 at a time to your PaperCut account.  

Appropriate Conduct

Respect for open computing center staff members is expected of all open computing center patrons.  OCC/TAC staff do not make the rules; they are, however, expected to enforce them.

Offensive language will not be tolerated.

There is a zero tolerance policy for pornography or lewd, offensive, and inappropriate material (as determined by the manager, coordinators, and/or student assistants if manager is unavailable), whether brought in by the patron or accessed from the Internet either as a Web site or as part of an e-mail. This includes pictures or material accessed through the patron’s email account.  Failure to abide by this policy may result in the patron being banned from the Open Computer Lab.


Only software legally purchased and/or licensed by TJC will be installed on OCC machines.  Patrons may ask for assistance if their computer needs to download an update to access student materials, or if they need to temporarily install a program required for use by their current TJC course.  Patrons will usually find their specialty software for a course in that courses virtual desktop pool.

Copying or downloading any illegal software onto an OCC machine is strictly forbidden.  Most software is copyright protected, with criminal charges and/or fines possible if caught copying a program.

A patron violating any of the above policies may be issued a warning and/or expelled from the OCC, depending upon the seriousness of the offense.

These policies are integral to, but do not replace, any policy or procedure in the Tyler Junior College Student Handbook: “Student Code of Conduct” or the Tyler Junior College Board Policy Manual.   The policies and procedures in one or both of these handbooks will be followed for any and all violations of college policy.

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