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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Messages, Fires and Security/Crime Alerts

Emergency Messages

Requests for emergency student notifications are referred to and handled by the Campus Police office. The Campus Police office will contact the appropriate dean's office and the message will be delivered by a member of the dean’s staff or the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Messages delivered should be to call a family member or to go to a destination designated by a family member of the message recipient. The instruction to deliver the emergency message must come directly from a family member. The College representative delivering the message should stand by as the student receives the message to offer the services of the College and to counsel the student.

After hours, the Campus Police officer on duty will handle requests as directed by Campus Police Guidelines. Emergency messages delivered in the residence halls will be delivered by a Residence Director.


All fires should be reported to the Campus Police office. Fire alarms should be sounded in areas where they are available. Buildings should be evacuated immediately for large uncontrolled fires or heavy smoke. All doors should be closed after building is evacuated. Once outside the building, individuals should proceed to safe areas at least 200 feet from the building, with care taken not to block passageways and roadways so accessibility can be maintained for rescue personnel. Employees and students should not return to the building until appropriate authorities at the scene declare an all-safe condition. In the event of injuries, Campus Police will render first aid and call for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) assistance.

Security/Crime Alert

The Immediate Notification System and Apache Alerts text messaging systems provide the capability of immediate notification to faculty, staff and students in the event of a campus security, crime or weather-related emergency.

The Immediate Notification System, operated through the Voice-Over Internet Protocol telephone system allows the Campus Police Office – and only the Campus Police Office – to broadcast an emergency voice message through the speakers of all TJC telephones. The message can be heard even if a phone is in use at the time of the broadcast.

Apache Alerts, an opt-in cellular telephone text messaging system, allows faculty, staff and students who have signed up and agreed to all requirements of the system to receive text messages on their cellular telephone, notifying them of extreme emergencies.

The use of Immediate Notification System and Apache Alerts for security/crime notifications are at the discretion of the Campus Police office, the vice president of student affairs and the president only. To sign up for Apache Alerts, log into Apache Access at http://apacheaccess.tjc.edu

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Campus Police

Emergency: 903-510-2222
Non-Emergency: 903-510-2258

Address: Corner of Baxter and Lake St.