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Campus Police FAQs

What Is Campus Police's jurisdiction?
The primary jurisdiction of the Tyler Junior College Police Department is property owned and under the control of Tyler Junior College. However, section 51.203 (a) of the Texas Education Code states that the primary jurisdiction of a peace officer commissioned under this section includes all counties in which property is owned, leased, rented, or otherwise under the control of the institution of higher education.

What are the differences between Police Officers, Guards, and Cadets?
The Tyler Junior College Police Department has three different groups of officers: police, guards, and cadets. Tyler Junior College's Police Officers are commissioned law enforcement officers with full police authority. The uniformed officers wear dark blue uniforms with a "Police" patch on both sleeves, and are armed.

The Guard division of the Tyler Junior College Police Department consists of non-commisioned officers. Their duties consists of assisting TJC Officers with routine duties. Guards wear a dark blue uniform shirt with a "Guard" patch on the left sleeve and an Texas flag patch on the right sleeve.

Campus Police cadets consist of Criminal Justice students within Tyler Junior College. Their duties consist of parking enforcement and foot patrol. Cadets provide foot patrols in security sensitive areas and stationary security at various locations on campus. Cadets wear a royal blue uniform with a "Cadet" patch on the left sleeve and a Texas flag patch on the right sleeve.

Can Tyler Junior College's Police Officers give traffic citations?
Yes. Tyler Junior College Officers are full-time state certified officers and have full law enforcement authority.

My bike is missing from the bike rack. Did Campus Police pick it up?
Probably not. The only time TJC PD will confiscate a bike is if the bike is unsecured or suspected to be stolen. If the bicycle is left in a bike rack for an extended period of time, Tyler Junior College will confiscate it. This is normally done during the break between the Spring and Summer semesters. Unclaimed bikes are eventually transferred to College Surplus for auction.

Does Campus Police have unclaimed property for sale?
No. Campus Police does not sell unclaimed property directly to the public. We transfer all unclaimed property to Surplus for auction.

Can you check my driver's license number and tell me how many tickets I have on my record? Can you run a license plate number and tell me who it belongs to?
No. While Campus Police has access to this information, it is for law enforcement purposes only. However, we can provide you with the specific procedures and addresses for obtaining this information through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I need to report a crime, but I have class all day. Can I make an appointment for an officer to come to my residence hall to take the report?
Due to the nature of police work, we cannot promise that an officer will be available at any appointed time to take a report. You need to contact Campus Police as soon as possible to report any crime. The dispatcher will obtain pertinent information and determine if the call requires you to be present to speak with the officer or if an officer should meet with you immediately. If you are not available to meet with the officer at that time, the dispatcher may instruct you to call back when it is convenient for you.

Can I report an offense over the phone?
It depends on the type of call. Some reports do not have evidence left at the scene and may be taken over the phone. Other reports may require the officer to view the scene of the crime, record and collect evidence and/or dust for fingerprints. In most cases an officer will want to meet with you in person to take the report.

Why does it sometimes take a while for an officer to respond and take my report?
All calls received by Campus Police are prioritized by urgency. Therefore, emergency calls are given a higher priority than report calls. If the officer in your patrol district is unavailable, depending on the call priority and how long the district officer will be busy, the call will either be dispatched to another officer or held until your district officer is available. All calls are important and will be taken care of as soon as possible.

If I had something stolen from campus, do I need to contact other Police Departments and report it to them as well?
No. When you call to report an item as being stolen, the officer will obtain a description of the item. If you are able to provide enough information, such as make, model and serial number, we will be able to enter the item in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer database. This database contains records of stolen property from law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and provides officers instant access to these records. Therefore, if other agencies were to recover your property, they can check the NCIC database and obtain the information that might help you get your property back.

I was in an accident and exchanged information with the other driver, but did not call the police. Now the other party doesn't want to pay for the damage to my car. Can you investigate and make them pay?
Probably not, because an officer cannot investigate an accident if they were never called to the scene. If you are involved in an accident, you should contact the police to take an accident report immediately. If damage is minimal and there are no injuries, you may choose to simply exchange information with the other party and handle the matter between yourselves. However, when you advise your insurance carrier of the accident they may require an accident report. If you did not request an officer's report at the time of the accident, the only way to report the accident is to complete an Driver's Confidential Accident Report Form ST-2 (Blue Form) yourself and send it to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). This form is available at all Police Departments.

How safe is the campus?
During the Fall and Spring semesters, there are approximately 20,000 total students, 2,000 faculty/staff members, and thousands of visitors on campus. Tyler Junior College is the largest junior/community college in the state of Texas. The city of Tyler borders the entire campus. There are no physical barriers which prohibit entry into the campus and no checkpoints to contend with. Unfortunately, like any other college campus, crimes do occur.

A majority of the property and personal crimes could be classified as "crimes of opportunity."  The best advice is to adhere to good common sense, trust your instincts, and simply be aware of what is going on around you at all times.

Campus Police operates 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

For more detailed information, contact Campus Police at (903) 510-2258 or e-mail the Police Department at rmel@tjc.edu

What measures are taken to enhance security?
Tyler Junior College takes a very proactive approach to safety/security. The exterior doors to the residence halls are locked when lobby hours are closed. Code access entry systems are utilized at the residence halls as well as many security sensitive buildings.

Campus Police offers 24-hour patrol of all sectors of the campus. These areas are patrolled by Officers and Guards. All residence halls on campus are routinely patrolled by cadets.

Tyler Junior College offers evening/night escort services.

What type of lock does campus safety recommend for bicycles?
No lock offers complete security. However, it has been our experience that the U-bolt type lock offers the best protection. Be sure that the steel on the lock is case hardened. The lock needs to be attached through the bicycle rack, the frame of the bicycle, and the rear wheel. Bicyclists who have a "quick release" front wheel can take the wheel off and bring it around to the rear wheel and lock it all together.

How can I get a copy of Tyler Junior College's crime statistics?
Simply contact Campus Police at (903) 510-2258 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Where is Campus Police located?
The Tyler Junior College Police Department is located at the corner of Lake and Baxter which is on the Northwest section of the campus. We are adjacent to Hudnall Hall.

Why am I blocked for registration by Campus Police?
The most common reason would be that you failed to pay a parking or traffic ticket issued by a Campus Police officer. Contact Campus Police for any more questions.

I lost the key to my bike lock. Can you help me get the lock off?
If you can prove that the bike is yours and you have identification with you, an officer will attempt to cut the lock off.

Campus Police

Emergency: 903-510-2222
Non-Emergency: 903-510-2258

Address: Corner of Baxter and Lake St.