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Resume and Cover Letter Development

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Jump Into Work!

Almost everyone ends up in the workplace at some point. No matter when you plan to receive that first full-time paycheck, there are some things you’ll need to do to prepare yourself for the world of work.

  • College Grad: This site focuses on careers for college graduates and the job search.
  • First Generation Student: This site is full of info for first-generation college students – kids who will be the first in their families to go to college.

Resume Development

Sometimes being able to look at a sample resume can help you to figure out how to format your own resume, how to describe your experiences and what kinds of things to include in it. A quick search on Google can pull up many sample resumes. On our related downloads page, you can find these documents to help you create your resume:

  • Anatomy of a Resume
  • Resume FAQs

Resume Lab

We have computers available for students and alumni to create and print out resumes and cover letters. We are happy to assist you in the technical aspects of using the software (Microsoft Word) as well as formatting your resume. Space is limited so be sure to contact our office prior to dropping by so you'll know a computer is available.

Schedule a Resume Critique

To schedule a Resume Critique, please call Career Services. Please bring a hard copy/draft and an electronic form (email or saved on a USB) of your resume to the appointment for an in-person critique.

Cover Letter Development

  • Anatomy of a Cover Letter: in related downloads
  • Basic Cover Letter: in related downloads

Interview Preparation

Career Services

Maggie Ruelle, M.A.
Coordinator, Career Services
Office: Career Services, 2nd Floor, Rogers Student Center

Email: mrue@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2334