Tyler Junior College

Career Assessments

Is there a test I can take to help me decide on a major or career?

There is help, but it's not technically a test. Career assessments can help you identify your skills, interests, values and personality and understand how these fit with different careers. Follow the instructions below to complete a career assessments and discover a path that is compatible with you.

**It is recommended that all students who complete a career assessment make an appointment with Career Services for assistance with interpreting the results.

New users:

  1. Contact Career Services at khar@tjc.edu or 903-510-2334 for your activation code
  2. Go to the Kuder Journey Texas College and Career Planning System website and click on "Sign Up"
  3. Enter your information to create an account
  4. Enter the activation code you received from Career Services and click "Register"

    Returning users:

    1. Go to the Kuder Journey Texas College and Career Planning System website
    2. Enter your user name and password

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        New Users:

        1. Create an account here. You will need your email address and the TJC access code: apache
        2. Follow the prompts provided to created your user name and password, and the system will take you to the main menu.
        3. Upon completion, feel free to contact Career Services to schedule an appointment to discuss the results of the assessment.

        Returning users:

        • Go to the FOCUS website and enter your username and password to log in.

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        Career Services

        Jennifer Renfro, Coordinator

        Address: Office: Career Services, 2nd Floor, Rogers Student Center

        Email: jren@tjc.edu

        Telephone: 903-510-2490