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CLEP exams are offered on a pre-arranged basis. Each examinee will receive an unofficial score printout upon completion of each exam. However, official score reports are generally received one month following the test date. Click here for a link to the College Board Web site listing the CLEP Subject Examinations. Refer to the TJC student handbook for courses in which CLEP credit is awarded.

After selecting what CLEP test you would like to take through our Testing Center, you will need to do the following to register for your CLEP exam:

  • Learn about your College or Universities CLEP policy. It is important to note that your institution sets its own CLEP policy. Thus, you will need to connect with the Admissions Office or speak with an advisor to learn about your college’s CLEP policy.
  • Next, you will need to develop a “My Account” through the CLEP registration portal. Through this account, you will be able to register and pay for your CLEP exam. Each CLEP exam cost $80.00 and must be paid online through your CLEP account prior to your test date. When you register for your exam, you will need to print out your payment receipt and TICKET ID.
  • You will then need to schedule your appointment with our Testing Center. So, after you register for your exam, call TJC’s Testing Services office at 903.510.2617 to make an appointment to test.
  • Finally, on exam day, you will need to bring the following:
    • Two forms of ID (see below for details)
    • $25.00 non-refundable proctoring fee for each
    • exam (make checks or money orders payable to Tyler Junior College)

Each exam has a 90-minute time limit. CLEP tests may be repeated ONLY ONCE in a six month period. Courses for which the student has registered or which have been taken in previous semesters may not be eligible for CLEP credit.

Changes in test dates may be made over the phone. Changes will be approved ONLY by the Director of Testing. It is the examinee's responsibility to be sure the correct person has been contacted to make such changes.

CLEP Identification Requirements

Two forms of identification are required.

  • You must present one of the following forms of identification as your primary ID:
    • A current driver’s license
    • A current state or federal ID card
    • A current passport
    • A tribal ID card
    • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
  • You must present one of the following forms of identification as your secondary ID (The secondary ID must have the candidates’ signature):
    • A current employee ID
    • A current student ID
    • A social security card
    • A military ID
    • An unused ID from the primary choices above

Testing Center

2nd Floor, Rogers Student Center
Phone: 903-510-2617
Toll Free: 1-800-687-5680 ext. 2617