Tyler Junior College

ATD Teams and Focus

Tyler Junior College is focusing on developing a culture that identifies problems that keep students from being successful in remediation and beginning college-level course work. Based on the evidence collected, TJC will identify and implement reforms that will work to lead students to success and to complete certificates and degrees.

We are excited to be accepted to take part in the Achieving the Dream initiative. Through our participation, we will strengthen our efforts to create an environment at TJC where more students are successful in completing certificates and degrees, said TJC Provost Dr. Homer "Butch" Hayes.

Together, TJC and the Greater Texas Foundation have made a vital commitment that will provide benefits to students and the entire community for years to come.

Team Priority 1
  • Lisa Harper, Team Leader
  • Billie Anderson
  • Renee Hawkins
  • Brenda Brungot
Team Priority 2
  • Janna Chancey, Team Leader
  • Cindy Allen
  • Brenda Brungot
  • Ginger Christenson
  • Ed MacPherson
  • Jeff Owens
  • Lindsey Gainer
  • Beverly Bugay
  • Jan Adams
  • Ashleigh Lewis
  • Stephanie Arriola
  • Kathy Patterson
  • Silvanna Vierkant
  • Andi Liner
  • Lisa Baker
  • Michele Knox
  • Sandra Simms
  • Linda Caldwell
Team Priority 3
  • Charles Johnson
  • John Schnell
  • Tim Gill
  • Wade Skinner
Team Communications
  • Fred Peters, Co-Leader
  • Rachel Jennische, Co-Leader
  • John Schnell
  • Roger Blake
  • Denny Yarbrough
  • Jeffery Dawson
  • Jan Adams
  • Vincent Nguyen
  • Jim Richey
  • Melanie Ward
  • Marian Jackson
  • Geoffrey Willbanks
  • Stephen Stine
  • Lisa Baker
Team Data
  • Jacque Messinger, Leader
  • Andrea Liner
  • Billie Anderson
  • Cathy Garcia
  • Charlotte Latham
  • Cheryl Rogers
  • Dometrius Hill
  • Evelyn Permenter
  • Jeanne Ivy
  • Jeffrey Owens
  • Joel Renaud
  • Kahne Parsons
  • Karen Anglin
  • Kenneth Luke
  • Paul Goertemiller
  • Robert Brooks
  • Seth Clark
  • Tim Drain