Tyler Junior College

VA Bridge Deferment

  1. If you would like to defer your tuition and fee payment date through a VA Bridge Deferment, you MUST meet with the Veteran’s Coordinator prior to the college payment of fees deadline.
  2. A VA Bridge Deferment will be calculated and posted by the VA Coordinator into Banner.
  3. The Bridge Deferment will automatically be applied to your account by the Business Services office during a nightly run to defer the tuition and fee payment date.
  4. If your tuition and fee benefits are paid directly to the college (Post 911, GI Bill, Chapter 33), then they will be posted to your account when received from the VA.
  5. If the VA payment is not enough to cover your tuition and fee balance in full, then you are responsible for the remaining balance.
  6. If you receive a monthly payment from the VA (Chapter 30, 35, 1606, 1607), you must personally make payment to the Cashier’s Office for your deferred tuition and fees.
  7. For information on whether you may be eligible for other Military Exemptions or Waivers for Tuition and Fees, please contact the TJC Veterans Coordinator, located in the Admissions Office, White Administrative Service Center (903-510-3750), mcol@tjc.edu.

Veteran Affairs

Mike Collins
Office: Rogers Student Center, Room 308

Email: mcol@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-3750