Tyler Junior College

Advisee/Advisor Responsibilities

Student Advisee/Academic Advisor Responsibilities  

The advising process at Tyler Junior College is a partnership between the Academic Advisor and the Student Advisee, with a common purpose; to identify and fulfill the educational goal desired by the Student Advisee. The Advisor and the Advisee have specific responsibilities in this partnership.

Student Advisee Responsibilities:

•       Complete any required testing and provide required educational documents, such as transcripts, test scores, etc. to Admissions for evaluation well before advising session.

•       Identify an educational goal or major based on your own personal work and life values, interests, abilities and career goals.

•       Contact and make an appointment with your Academic Advisor or seek a walk in visit when required or as needed for assistance in staying on track toward that educational/career goal. 

•       Identify your Academic Advisor based on your major and seek advisement or assistance early to be prepared for online registration, transfer, or graduation.

•       Prepare for and bring necessary information to advising sessions if needed.

•       Bring your TJC ID, official government issued or other valid photo ID to each advising visit.

•       Follow the degree plan for the major chosen by you and course recommendations made by your Academic Advisor after discussion of semester/graduation/transfer requirements.

•       Complete your own online registration each semester after advisement if no holds are in place preventing you from registering. 

•       Pay attention to deadlines for registration, payment, drop dates, graduation application, financial aid, scholarships, etc.

•       Monitor your degree plan in Degree Works within Apache Access each semester and see your Academic Advisor if you need to change your major or change your courses.  

•       Read all emails from Academic Advisors in Apache Access, and respond as needed.

•       Use your official TJC email address in Apache Access when corresponding with Academic Advisors.

•       Call and cancel any appointment in a timely manner if unable to keep it. 

•       Become aware of and follow institutional policies, procedures, and requirements in the TJC Catalog, Student Handbook and Financial Aid Handbook.   

•       Follow through with any plan of action suggested during each advising session. 

•       Request reassignment to a different Academic Advisor if necessary. 

•       Visit Career Services for assistance in identifying a career choice if undecided.

•       Seek academic assistance, tutoring, crisis counseling or other help as needed. 

•       Attend and participate in class, discuss course progress with your professor, study, and take responsibility for final grade received. 

•       Contact your transfer institution early in your first year to confirm you are completing proper courses toward your intended upper level major at that University.

•       Accept final responsibility for your own education. 

Academic Advisor Responsibilities: 

•       Help the Student Advisee to develop a realistic educational plan consistent with his/her abilities and interests. 

•       Interpret test scores and suggest appropriate semester courses for the major chosen by the student.

•       Monitor Student progress toward educational/career goals during advising visits.

•       Interpret/explain instructional policies, procedures, and requirements for the Student. 

•       Lift advising holds and approve courses for registration, drops, withdrawals, and change of major. 

•       Maintain advising documentation for each Student Advisee. 

•       Refer Student to other resources on campus and in the community as needed. 

•       Assist Student Advisee in identifying career opportunities and transfer institutions as needed.

•       Provide transfer information and guidance as needed.

•       Inform Student of special services available to them for tutoring, remediation, academic assistance, crisis counseling, Degree Works audit, Apache Access and other needs.  

•       Participate in Advisor training sessions to keep up to date on current information that benefits the student toward their educational/career goal.


Advising Contact

Jan Adams
Director of Advising
Office: Academic Advising Center, 2nd Floor, Rogers Student Center

Email: jada@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-3287