Tyler Junior College

Policies and Procedures

* Information below reflects what is in the Employee Handbook, but may be more up-to-date.

Computer Use Policy

TJC owns the rights to all data and files in any computer, network, or other information system used at TJC, and to all data and files sent or received using any College system or using the College’s access to any computer network, to the extent that such rights are not superseded by applicable laws relating to intellectual property.

Employees are provided one personal computer and access to the campus network as an integral part of the teaching process and/or the performance of their duties.

Prohibited conduct regarding use of computers includes, but is not limited to:

  • theft or other abuse of computer time;
  • unauthorized entry into a file, to use, read, or change the contents, or for any other purpose;
  • unauthorized transfer of a file or use of another individual’s identification and password;
  • use of computing facilities or equipment to send, receive, or transport obscene, abusive, or pornographic messages or images;
  • overloading or making the computing facilities nonfunctional (virus); and
  • breaking into the computing facilities (hacking).

If there is a need for a computer for travel or a presentation, it can be reserved (with 48-hours’ notice) and checked out through the Service Desk at 903-510-3269.

Technology Requests—Procedures and Information

General Information

  • TJC provides full-time faculty and staff one College-owned computer with a campus-standard software package to facilitate job responsibilities.
  • Planned computer equipment purchases are funded from the College’s Technology Fund.
  • Computers will be replaced on rotational basis, depending on the specific use of the computer.
  • The Information Technology Office will provide replacement plans based on campus wide needs in conjunction with requests from campus departments.
  • The replacement plans can be revised during the planning and budget cycle if necessary.
  • The Information Technology department will budget and plan for the replacement of computers, therefore individual departments do not need to budget for computer replacements.
  • Computer equipment purchases using departmental budgets are only allowed with Technology Department’s collaboration.
  • Computer equipment purchases using grant funds are allowed, with Technology Department’s collaboration.
  • Equipment and software purchased without collaboration with the Information Technology department will NOT be installed nor supported by the Information Technology department.

Request Criteria

  • All requests must be made using the Computer Hardware/Software Request Form. Go to www.tjc.edu/IT/TechRequest to fill out the form. When you submit the form, you will receive a notification email that you must print out so you can get all of the required signatures. Requests will not be considered until the paperwork is received in IT.
  • All requests must include justification.
  • All requests for an upcoming fiscal year must be submitted by March 31st of the current fiscal year.
  • All requests must be coordinated with and approved by the Information Technology Office.
  • All requests are prioritized by the Information Technology Office based on campus-wide needs.

Approval Process

  • All requests must be approved by (1) the Chief Academic Officer or (2) appropriate vice president.
  • All requests to expand current lab facilities or create new lab facilities must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer and then follow Campus Technology Committee processes.
  • Requests for peripheral equipment must be coordinated with and approved by the Information Technology Office.
  • All non-standard software and hardware requests must be approved by the Information Technology Office.

Computer Lab Software

Software in campus computer labs is typically installed during the summer months for the upcoming instructional year. In order to accommodate this effort, all software installation requests for the upcoming instructional year must be submitted to the Information Technology Office by December 19th of the current fiscal year.

Software installation requests submitted after March 31st that requires significant effort to implement must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer and the Chief Information Officer.

Peripheral Equipment

Purchases of peripheral computer equipment from departmental budgets are allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Purchases are coordinated with and approved by the Information Technology Office.
  2. All equipment components connect externally to the PC device.
  3. Peripheral computer equipment for faculty/staff offices includes printers, image scanners, flash drives, etc.

Requests for the Classroom

To request media equipment for use in the classroom (DVD player, TV, data projector, etc.), please contact the IT Service Desk at 903-510-3269.

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