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Frequently Asked Questions: Student Support Services

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Student Support Services FAQs

Q: What services do you offer students with disabilities?


Support Services provides services to students with disabilities to insure accessibility to university programs. We offer accommodations counseling, community referrals, disability-related information, adaptive technology equipment, tutoring and interpreter services for academically related purposes. Reasonable and appropriate accommodations are reviewed and recommended on a student by student basis.  Support Services does not offer diagnostic testing, personal attendants, financial assistance or scholarships.

If you have a disability that is impacting your academic performance, you will need to provide acceptable documentation of that disability to the Office of Support Services. The documentation must be supplied by a qualified professional who is licensed or certified to diagnose the disability. An appointment should be made with a Support Services Counselor to review the documentation and discuss the request for accommodations.

See more information at www.tjc.edu/SupportServices.

Q: What services do you offer students with disabilities?

Q: What constitutes a disability?

Q: What should I do if I have a disability and want to receive accommodations?

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