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Frequently Asked Questions: Campus Police & Parking

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Campus Police & Parking FAQs

Q: What is Campus Police's jurisdiction?

Q: What are the differences between Police Officers, Guards, and Cadets?

Q: Can Tyler Junior College's Police Officers give traffic citations?

Q: I need to report a crime, but I have class all day. Can I make an appointment for an officer to come to my residence hall to take the report?

Due to the nature of police work, we cannot promise that an officer will be available at any appointed time to take a report. You need to contact Campus Police as soon as possible to report any crime. The dispatcher will obtain pertinent information and determine if the call requires you to be present to speak with the officer or if an officer should meet with you immediately. If you are not available to meet with the officer at that time, the dispatcher may instruct you to call back when it is convenient for you.

Q: Can I report an offense over the phone to Campus Police?

Q: If I had something stolen from campus, do I need to contact other Police Departments and report it to them as well?

Q: How safe is the campus?

Q: What measures are taken to enhance security on campus?

Q: Where is Campus Police located?

Q: How do I get a parking pass?

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