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Frequently Asked Questions: Testing Services

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Testing Services FAQs

Q: Do I need to take a placement exam (ACT, SAT, etc.) to be accepted into TJC?

Q: Do I have to take my Accuplacer at TJC, or can I just take my test at my local community college?

Q: Is the Accuplacer test available to take during the summer months and if so, what are the hours?

Q: When is the testing center open?

Q: Could I take the COMPASS test has a alternative to the THEA test?

Q: Is there an email that I can send my signed proctor agreement to?

Q: If I want to take the TSI Math test, do I just pay the $50 testing fee for not being a student? What is considered a passing score? Does the computer automatically tell you your score at the end of the exam?

Q: What is the minimum score that you have to score on the ACT or SAT?

Q: What are the dates for SAT testing? How do you sign up for SAT test? How much is the test and how much for study guide?

Q: I tried to register, but it won't let me due to an advising hold. Reason is: NOT TSI READY. How can I get this hold removed so I can register?

Q: What are acceptable forms of identification?

Q: Is it required to take the TSI pre-assessment activity prior to taking the TSI test? If so, how long does it take to receive notification after taking the pre-assessment test?

Q: If I took the TSI assessment, but did not pass the writing portion, can I retake just the writing portion?

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