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Frequently Asked Questions: Academic Advising

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Academic Advising FAQs

Q: I have a hold on my file. How do I have this removed?

Q: If I have a hold on my file can I have a transcript sent?

Q: How do I request my transcript from my other Colleges and Universities to be evaluated?

Q: When is the testing center open?

Q: Can students who have never been to college before get cleared to register online without having to come to the campus?

No. A new first time student must visit with an academic advisor before they are cleared to register online. See our Advising page at http://www.tjc.edu/Advising for more information about advisors and the advising process.

Q: When is the best time get advised?

Q: What are acceptable forms of identification?

Q: Can I get advising over e-mail?

Q: Can I get advising over the phone?

Q: What do I need before I can be advised?

Q: Are there wait times for walk-in advising visits?

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