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Floral Design

Advanced Floral Design

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(FMKT 1005 – Basic Floral Design)

Expand your skills beyond the basics and intermediate levels of floral design techniques.  This course will prepare you for a more in-depth coverage of advanced floral design practices used in the retail and floral industry.  As you progress through your course lessons, you will expand your understanding of floral theory in terracing, parallelism, new convention, and formal linear design techniques and mechanics.  This class will cover the latest trends and techniques found in contemporary floral design today. Supplies Required: Floral vessel (1 to 1.5 inches wide), designing tools, knife designed for cutting wire, and any other design supplies such as tulle, ribbon, wire, etc.

Supplies Required:  Floral Vessel (4x4 Soup Bowl Size, Colored Pottery Type, Non-Crystal, Non-Glass), Branching, Moss Balls, 3 (three) Dried Mushrooms, wire cutters, paring knife, scissors, and any other design supplies student wishes to bring such as tulle, ribbon, different sized rocks, marbles, lights, filler flowers, etc.