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Floral Design

Intermediate Floral Design

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(FMKT 1005 – Basic Floral Design)

Why stop at the beginner’s level of Floral Design? Continue to expand your knowledge of floral designing skills by participating in the Intermediate Floral Design course. This course covers the latest trends in design and design principles such as line, depth, color, and elements of fresh floral construction. During each class session, you will continue to build upon your designing skills and put together and even larger arrangement with the use of additional mixed fresh flowers. There will be a higher emphasis on applying the elements and principles of floral designing. A larger mix and variety of fresh flowers, filler flowers, and greenery will be included.

Supplies Required:  Floral Vessel (4x4 Colored Pottery Type, Non-Crystal, Non-Glass), Branching, Moss, Dried Mushrooms, wire cutters, paring knife, scissors, and any other design supplies student wishes to bring such as tulle, ribbon, rocks, marbles, lights, etc.