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Office 2013 Basic: Word, Excel and Powerpoint

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(ITSC1022--Introduction to Computer Applications in Business)

Get the information and tips that not only explain how to perform a task, but why you need this procedure and when it’s best to use it. This short nine-hour course is designed for students with basic computer knowledge to get an overview of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Topics include methods of using Word to navigate and select techniques, edit text, choose page layout, and proofing and printing documents. Students will use Excel to navigate workbooks, enter and edit data, modify a worksheet, use basic functions, format worksheets, print and create charts. PowerPoint topics include how to create a presentation, select a theme, create and organize slides, use slide transitions, add notes, work with placeholders, and preview and output the show. (9 hrs.)

Prerequisite: Computer Basics or Introduction to Computers of consent of instructor

Textbook Required: Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows: Visual QuickStart. Publisher: Peachpit Publishers