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Home Networking

(ITNW 1004-Network I)

What you don't know about PC security really can hurt you! Learn why you're at risk and what you can do to protect your precious personal and business data from the outside world. This course, taught by a security expert, will quickly bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of PC and network security. You'll understand and explore the many vulnerabilities of operating systems, software, and networks. Then, you'll get into the minds of hackers and crackers, developing an understanding of the exploits they use to access your computer without your knowledge. You'll find out why, where, and how viruses, worms, and blended threats are created. You'll be able to identify and work to prevent DoS, SYN flooding, and other network attacks. You'll learn a safe way to share files and data across the Internet through a virtual private network. And you'll be able to install and configure a firewall to build an impenetrable moat around your computer or network. Requirements: Internet access, Email, one of the following browsers--Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or above), Google Chrome, Safari. Also must have Adobe PDF plug-in (a free download obtained at .) Students must have a familiarity with general computing terminology, an understanding of any operating system you are using (as in: Mac, Windows, Linux) and an ability to locate programs and change settings.

Prerequisites: Computer Basics, Introduction to Computers, or consent of instructor.

Supplies: Textbook is required and may be purchased at the TJC West Campus. Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-56173-7

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