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PYLOT Program

PYLOT courses for Summer 2014


Fun and Fitness

Jump-start your day with Fun and Fitness! This class is designed to develop and maintain physical fitness. Students can improve their overall health by increasing cardiovascular endurance, build and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, regulate weight and improve posture and movement. Have fun while improving your overall health, mental alertness and self-confidence.

Adapted Aquatics

This flexible swimming water activity program is for persons with limited mobility. The goal is to adapt the skills and basic movements of water exercise and swimming to the capabilities and needs of participants. Special emphasis is placed on improvement in the areas of coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. Class limit 18.

Aquacise Basics

This flexible and fun shallow water program incorporates all aspects of fitness with extended flexibility and strength/tone segments. The unique properties of water allow a varied intensity level designed to fit the needs of the individual with some physical limitations to the intermediate level water exerciser. Some benefits reported include increased stamina, flexibility, strength and a sense of well-being. Class limit 18.

Aquacise BasicsOHPE4002
Location: OHPE Pool
CRN 33519 5/6-8/12 TR
1:00-1:50 p.m.

Water Aerobics for Women

A new approach to figure and health improvement for all ages. This course is especially beneficial for persons having difficulty exercising on land. Water resistance and buoyancy help in greater muscle toning and trimming. Class limit 20.

A.C.T. Half Time Aquatic Conditioning

Increase endurance, strength, and flexibility within a water environment.

Boot Camp (Co-Ed)

Come and challenge yourself with this fast-paced, calorie blasting workout, which includes strength training, plyometric and interval circuits. This boot camp is geared towards all fitness levels. Modifications are offered for the beginner to advanced levels. The class will be 1 hour (includes warm-up, cool-down and stretching) that will focus on increasing your strength and endurance. Required: Exercise mat, Running shoes, Weights OR resistance bands (each 1-10 pounds). Recommended: bottled water and towel.

Boot Camp (Co-Ed)
Location: OHPE 153
CRN 45435 6/3-7/1 TR
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Boot Camp (Co-Ed)
Location: OHPE 153
CRN 45436 7/8-7/31 TR
5:30-6:30 p.m.


Belly Dancing “Raks Sharki”

Explore one of the oldest and most evolved forms of dances in the world, named Raks Sharki. Raks Sharki is a classical Egyptian style of Belly Dance that expresses the rich and beautiful traditions of Belly Dancing. By utilizing the Raks Sharki style of belly dancing, you can stretch and tone your body, promote weight loss by burning calories, and build muscle, while learning the basics of this ancient and beautiful feminine art. The focus of the Raks Sharki will consist of movements that are executed throughout the entire body, mainly in the pelvic and hip areas.

Recommended Attire: Leotard or workout clothing.

Beginners Belly Dancing

Beginners Belly Dancing DANC1009
Location: OHPE153
CRN 45404 6/2-7/7 M
6:35-7:35 p.m.

Intermediate Belly Dancing

Prerequisite Beginners Belly Dancing “Raks Sharki” or previous experience.


Social Dance/Country Style and more

Come join us for fun learning dance steps that will have you up and feeling confident and proud that you have the skills to participate on the dance floor any time you choose.  No  more watching from the sidelines at parties, receptions or social gatherings………………you will learn great fun dance steps to country, contemporary and pop music that will be easy and basic.  You will learn to two-step, waltz and line dance to a variety of music.  A partner is recommended but not required.

Social Dance continued/Country style and more

Let’s continue to build on those basic skills you know and enhance your dancing abilities.  This class will outfit you with additional dimension to your dance experience so that your confidence and showmanship will shine on the dance floor.  We will continue to dance to country, contemporary and pop music. You will learn steps that will allow you to customize your performance of the two-step and waltz and we will introduce you to the double two-step while enjoying a variety of music groups.  A partner is recommended but not required.


Introduction/Refresher to Foil Fencing

New Students: Equipment (foil fencing weapon and mask) is provided for use during the class. Returning Students are encouraged to provide their own equipment.

Intermediate Foil Fencing

This course is a continuation from Introduction to Foil Fencing, which includes blade work, foot work, knowledge of basic parries and terminology. In addition, students will be exposed to fencing tactics both offensive and defensive. Students are to provide their own equipment.



This course teaches the beginner/intermediate exercises of a traditional Pilates mat class. Pilates has long been the chosen conditioning system for dancers, butt has gained mainstream popularity as a health and fitness regimen for people of all ages and activity levels. Focusing on core strength, flexibility, alignment, breathing, control, coordination, and balance - all integral to dance - Pilates is also an excellent method for injury, particularly for those with lower back problems.


Fearless and Female

Fearless and Female is a live, hands-on, personal safety and self-defense program for women. This customized training is delivered with an emphasis on simplicity and humor and is presented in a woman-friendly environment.  Armed with step-by-step techniques that are direct and highly effective, women will leave this program knowing how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations in the first place, however, if fighting back is our only recourse, participants will gain the skills and confidence to fight back and survive!  


Yoga Basics

This yoga course places emphasis on the practice of hatha yoga and is centered on the liking of an individual’s breathing with their mind and body. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, “Hatha” meaning “sun and moon” and “yoga” translates into “yoke,” meaning union. In Yoga101, students will learn the basics of hatha yoga and how to bring individual balance through breathing and safe movements. Over the course of the class, students will learn basic human anatomy, how to move and transfer safely in and out of the yoga asanas and poses. Yoga provides many positive benefits: stress reduction, muscle toning, builds strength and endurance, increases flexibility, and creates a sense of balance and well-being. Sign up now and begin your yoga journey to a stronger, more flexible, calmer, and more peaceful mind. Students are to supply their own yoga mats.